Plant Developmental Biology

Our studies focus on cellular, physiological, biochemical and molecular traits affecting key developmental processes of plants. We study species such as quinoa, wheat, maize, and chia among others, all of them economically relevant.

Research lines directed by Sara Maldonado

  • Research line 1: Molecular aspects of dehydrins as dehydration-inducible proteins whose accumulation is induced by developmental processes (embryo maturation) as well as by several abiotic stress factors (low temperatures, drought and salinity).
  • Research line 2: Studies of programmed cell death during seed development and leaf senescence.
  • Research line 3: Diversity, anatomy and reproductive biology in terrestrial orchids of the southern cone.
  • Research line 4: Properties and dynamic behavior of quinoa starch as compared with corn and wheat starch.
  • Research line 5: Characterization of food quality determinant aspects of re-emergent crops with respect to their geographical origin by means of spectrsocopic techniques and chemometric methods. (co-directed with Pilar Buera- FCEN).

Research projects directed by Humberto Fabio Causin

  • Research line 6: Light as a regulatory factor of leaf senescence, and its interaction with the oxidative metabolism.

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