Ecophysiology of insects


Schilman new2 Pablo E. Schilman
Investigador Independiente CONICET, Profesor Adjunto  UBA

The laboratory main area of research is eco-physiology or environmental physiology of insects. We are interested in the physiological adaptations of insects to their environment. In particular, how abiotic factors such as water availability and temperature affect the behavior and physiology of insects and which are their physiological limitations for the geographical distribution. Our model of study is the kissing bug, vector of Chagas disease, but we also work with ants and Drosophila among other insects. We employ a variety of methods such as behavioral assays, open flow respirometry, which allows us to measure rates of CO2 production and water vapor released in real time in individual small insects such as nymphs of kissing bugs or Drosophila (mass ca. 1 mg) as well as species distribution models.

Rprolixus1image-0001vinchuca en camara smaller

Huevo Rhodnus SEM

CCRT Drosophila