Systematics and Biogeography of Crustaceans Peracarida


DSC05647 Dr. Daniel Roccatagliata
Investigador Independiente CONICET, Profesor Asociado (DE)

The Peracarida crustaceans are an important component of the marine benthos, usually being the main fraction of a sample. The Peracarid fauna of the Southwest Atlantic Ocean, however, is poorly studied and the taxonomic status of many of the species remains uncertain. To fill in this gap of knowledge, we focused our research on the study of the following orders: Isopoda, Cumacea and Tanaidacea. The main goals of our project are: (1) to review the taxonomy of the above mentioned taxa, describing new species, redescribing those species poorly known, and reporting new geographic records; (2) to furnish phylogenetic analyses; (3) to study the patterns of distribution of these three taxa, and (4) to devise keys and illustrate guides addressed to those marine biologists that need to identify these groups but are unfamiliar with them.

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