Systematic and Biology of Parasites of Aquatic Organisms


foto Nathalia Arredondo Nathalia J. Arredondo
Investigadora Adjunta, CONICET


menoret Adriana Menoret
Investigadora Asistente CONICET

Research in our lab is focused in systematic, diversity, coevolution and biogeography of cestodes from teleosts and elasmobranchs.  We are particularly interested in studying tapeworms in the orders Tetraphyllidea, Rhinebothriidea, Diphyllidea, Trypanorhyncha, Lecanicephalidea y Onchoproteocephalidea. The morphology of the tapeworms is studied using traditional techniques (histology) and electron microscopy (Scanning Electron Microscopy and Transmission Electron Microscopy). In particular, we are including the study of the ultrastructure of the tegument, apical organs, vitellogenesis and spermiogenesis, in our search of morphological characters that support clades of taxa actually grouped on the basis of molecular sequences. A large collection of parasites from a wide range of hosts along the coast of Argentina allow us to evaluate the potential use of parasites as biological tags of specific aspects of the biology of their hosts (trophic relationships, phylogeny, biogeography, stocks, and migrations).

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