Marine Zooplankton


Capitanio Dra. Fabiana Capitanio
Investigadora Independiente CONICET

Biodiversity, population attributes and seasonal cycles of zooplankton are studied in different environments of the Southwestern Atlantic Ocean and the Southern Ocean, as well as their relationships with physical and chemical variables (e.g. temperature, salinity, chlorophyll-a concentrations, etc.). The role of zooplankton in marine trophic chains and the influence of global climate change on these populations are estimated with different techniques and approaches. Our activities encompass the taxonomical identification and enumeration of planktonic organisms. In addition, we perform various manipulative experiments with the dominant species. Members of the group take part in oceanographic cruises on board the research vessel BO ARA Puerto Deseado, and carry out plankton samplings in key marine areas of the Argentine Sea within the research project Pampa Azul.


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