Continental Diatomeas


Nora Maidana Dra. Nora I. Maidana
Investigador Principal, CONICET


mrcelo morales Marcelo Morales
Investigador Adjunto, CONICET

Diatoms (Bacillariophyceae) are unicellular photosynthetic microscopic algae, with a siliceous cover (frustule) which may be very well preserved as fossils. Their high sensitivity to changes in environmental conditions and their high diversity in aquatic ecosystems present the potential to estimate with a high degree of reliability, changes in physical, chemical and/or biological properties of the water body. They possess a variety of adaptive strategies and their short life cycle allows them to respond quickly to environmental changes. Our   studies  focus on the taxonomy and biology of this group of algae and their use as biomarkers in current and past environments. We developed several lines of research, some of which are integrated into interdisciplinary projects, providing data for understanding natural and anthropogenic changes.

laguna azul santa cruz diamotea laguan potrok aike santa cruzdiamotea laguna altura catamarcadiamotea medula osea presunto ahogadodiamotea rio de la palta