Biology of Marine Invertebrates


Foto Juliana Gimenez Juliana Giménez
Investigadora Independiente, CONICET, Profesora Asociada UBA

We study marine molluscs diversity, mostly gastropods and bivalves more representative of the Argentine Sea,  and Antarctic and Subantarctic waters, in terms of their reproductive biology, spermatozoa ultrastructure, reproductive potential, growth and population and energetic dynamics. Along with the demand for the search of new fishing resources with information about sizes of sexual maturity and reproductive seasons, the comparative ultrastructural study of gametogenesis and spermatozoid morphology opens new ways in the unresolved taxonomy and phylogeny of these molluscs groups. Moreover, one of the largest ecological impact that a population can suffer is the reproductive deterioration. The evaluation of the reproductive potential, oviposition seasons and the detection of ultrastructural variations of the spermatozoids in anthropic environments, are among others, some of the major objectives of our work.

Campaqa Oceano 1Grupo con estudiantes de grado Muestreo Costero