Ecology and the Evolution of Multicellularity in the Volvocine Green Algae

Group Leader

Solari Dr. Cristian Solari
investigador adjunto, CONICET

We study, in an evolutionary ecologycal framework, the transition from unicellular organisms to multicellular ones with germ-soma differentiation, using the volvocine green algae as a model system. We have three research lines:

  • The origin of multicellularity in Volvocales: We continue our previous work in our lab and with external collaborators using an interdisciplinary approach which includes mathematical modeling, physics (hydrodynamics), physiology, and comparative biology.
  • Abundance, complexity, and temperature: Using the Monod and quemostat models as a theoretical framework, we are measuring the response to temperature in Volvocales of different size and complexity.
  • Pollution, size, and complexity: We want to understand how the increase in size and complexity affects the response to a contaminant (e.g., arsenic) in Volvocales.