Biodiversity, ultrastructure and ecophysiology of microalgae

Group Leader

dsd Dra. Visitación Conforti

This group is dedicated to the study of euglenoids and we have three research lines:

  • Study of the diversity, taxonomy and ultraestrucutre of euglenoids from Argentina and samples from Brazil, Colombia, USA, Mexico, Spain and Korea.
  • Evaluation of morphologic alterations caused by excess of organic matter in the medium and ecotoxicological studies of heavy metals and metalloids (chromium and arsenic).
  • Evaluation of biotechnological applications: production of metabolites; production and potencial use of paramylon as antiviral and inmunostimulant. Futhermore, we are currently engaged in interdisciplinary studies to evaluate the electromagnetic response of the euglenoids film, due to its potential application in the development of new materials.

As a specialist in Euglenoids in Argentina, I collaborate with different research groups and I participate in several national and international projects.